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Lambs with no milk

from Jimmie

Ray... I wanted to share something with you concerning

your video yesterday about the lamb with no milk for its

baby. I had a friend named Brenda Taylor that was a

warrior for Christ. She developed breast cancer and

there was no earthly healing for her. As she lay dying

she was wrestling with God and asked Him to give her

a word for the church from her illness. He told her that her bodily condition was representative of the Church. Lambs being born with no milk from the church to feed and nurture. The church had cancer in the part of their body that should be feeding the young. That is very deep and I have asked the Lord to help me be a supply to the new born. I believe the tears that I shed in my deep depression have been nourishment to those in that same dry place. But I have strived to keep a fresh supply from the Word to have milk to share. Thanks for your post and reminding me and confirming my mission. Blessings!

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