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It's time for me to get close to the Shepherd

from Kimberly

I am crying as I write this, I don't know you and you

don't know me. I left the church because of past hurts

and pains. I was abused emotionally, physically, and sexually. I decided I no longer wanted to have anything to do with God. I have no relationship with my family. I am estranged from them. My childhood was hell. I laugh when someone says oh go to hell or you are going to hell, I tell them hell was a place I called home for my entire childhood. My father was a preacher or I should say he still is, his church is more of a cult and my mother we have no bond what so ever. I use to struggle with that. Why was it the person who was supposed to take care of her child allowed and witnessed all the abuse that took place then lied about it. She lied to the cops and to everyone that not only was she not getting abused but her daughter wasn't either. Then this morning your post came across in one of my homeschooling group pages. And I broke down and cried. Thank you for sharing this. You have touched my heart and I know it's time for me to get close to the Shepherd. Because all my life I was known as the black sheep of the family, and your videos have really truly touched my spirit.

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