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Out of Nowhere!

I have found in life, when God is ready to do something big in your life, it is oft times accompanied by a test of your faith. That is exactly what happened to us next. While searching for some land for a client in a very specific area of Gallatin, I ran across a large farm for sale. Needless to say the farm was absolutely gorgeous and would be a perfect place for my client and his family. However, it was too large and therefore the price was too high for just him. However, I had an idea...... I am a Realtor and Auctioneer by trade, and for my entire life I have seen the taking of a larger farm, dividing it into tracts, and then seeing it sold. I had grown up into the business and this is what I loved to do. I always tell people, I am an Auctioneer at heart and a Realtor by trade. I LOVE doing auctions from start to finish, no matter how big or small. And this particular farm had AUCTION written all over it. So I called the listing agent and asked if his seller would be willing to sell a portion of the farm. Sadly, they did not want to divide it as they had owned it in the family for over 200 years. I said I understood, but something kept drawing me back to that farm. I showed it to a few people in my office and asked why in the world they would not divide it and sell it at auction as I believed it would bring even more than they were asking. The answer was simple, they did not want to break it up. I carried this farm on my mind for a week, constantly looking back at it on the computer. Eventually I showed it to my wife and told her what I was thinking regarding the property. I even said, "Someone should buy this place and cut it up, they would make good money on it!" That is when God stepped in and said, "Why not you?" I laughed (a lot like Sarah) saying, Who am I to buy such a piece of land. It is a 7 figure piece of property and I barely have 3 figures to my name. In fact, at that very moment we had just borrowed some money to pay our bills. We were not heading in the direction I wanted. God had seemingly put on my heart to live debt free, but I was "stuck" and felt as if I was going nowhere. I knew God had a big plan, but surely He would not think I could buy this farm and make the money seeing as I had none really to my name and was already in debt. However, God persisted in pushing me on this idea. So much so, that I spoke to my wife about it and then started doing some research on the property and even drawing some division outlines on it how one might could divide it. From there it started rolling. I first showed it to a very trusted adviser who even had some first hand knowledge on the farm. He agreed it would work, but said they would NEVER take the figure I was discussing as a purchase price. But I sensed God pressing me onward. Next I showed it to my father who again agreed it was a potential plan. Finally I showed it to my Grandfather. This man has been doing our business for nearly 60 years and had seen and done the very thing I was thinking of doing. I took him to the farm, showed him my division plan and told him what I was thinking. I had decided if he had any doubts in his mind, I would simply walk away. Amazingly, he was 100% on board with the idea and even agreed to partner with me if I wanted him to. With that in hand, Katie and I prayed for 3 days before doing anything else. In our hearts and minds, this is what God seemed to be leading us to, now came the time of faith and trust. Did we really believe that He would lead us through this process and set our feet on dry ground when it was over? I would be lying if I said anxiety did not arise once or twice before even committing to an offer. But even God used that to bring in some wisdom. Now that the idea was in place, the next step was actually following through. And to do that would require more than a step of faith, it would have to be a LEAP......

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