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Ever realized how easy it is to become ungrateful? Look over at David and the book of Psalms and check out his uncanny ability to go from an extreme high, "Oh Lord you are mighty and willing to save," and in the next moment he will say, "God where are you?" I mean he was from the mountain top to the valley almost instantaneously. Well, David and I must be of some kin. How easy I find it to go from thanking God for his wondrous works to wondering if He has forgotten me. To go from a joyful spirit to the verge of depression. To see His mighty hand at work to wondering if He has utterly forsaken me. My spirit rises and falls and it all depends on my outlook at that moment. What a horrible place to live. Up one minute and then down the next. Emotions tend to carry us like the wind. Ever blowing but constantly in a different direction. I self admit that if life seems to be good, my state of mind tends to be one of happiness and I walk around upbeat. However, if the next day I realize how life seems to be slow or things are not coming together as I hoped, then I am hard pressed to get out of bed. What is even more amazing is our ability to cover this up. I mean, most people would not know this about me because even if I am having a bad day, I put on the smile if I have to meet someone. After all, no one wants to hang around a miserable person. However, those who matter to me the most, my wife, kids, and close friends, tend to catch the worst of the grouchy person who lives when I tend to forget that my God is ALWAYS with me and NEVER leaves me or forsakes me. See, isn't it amazing how we tend to be like David and cry out "God where are you?" and if we simply HOLD on to TRUTH, the truth that he is always with us, then our life perspective can always be positive! It simply all boils down holding on to truth. That is what I had to remind myself of this morning! TRUTH! The truth is, God loves me! The truth is He has rescued me and set my feet on the solid ground of His love! The truth is God is Always with me, even in my darkest hours! The truth is He is always at work to bring about His greatest glory in and through my life. The truth is no matter how much life hurts, God is carefully sculpting me into the image of his son Jesus. The truth is God has called me "Friend." The truth is even if I am on a cross, or shackled to a Roman Guard (Paul in Philippians 1) or being fed to lions or burned at the stake, or just struggling to pay the bills, God is about His work of using me to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth is, even if the nation in which I live is becoming more ungodly by the moment, God is still on his throne and He is not as interested in saving a country from destruction as He is in saving souls for all eternity. The TRUTH is God is right here with me, walking daily by my side, on the mountain tops and through the valleys of hard times, and He is forging a son (or daughter) who is fit to stand beside Him one day and enjoy Him forever! (now if I can only remember this EVERY day and not just on the "good" days!) Enjoy your Journey! Pursue Life, Follow Christ!

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