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Prevailing Winds

Psalm 78:26

I wanted to share another answer to prayer. We MUST believe and trust God.

Katie and I are trying our best to have an organic / all natural farm. Several years ago she did a lot of research on how harmful chemicals are to our bodies and ever since she has done her best to direct our family in a Godly eating plan which includes raising things as naturally as possible.

The thing is, just because you want to do something naturally does not mean all your neighbors want the same thing. Just because you have researched things and try to maintain your land and animals a certain way does not mean that all around you are going to instantly jump on board.

Today was one of those days we had to face that reality. We had heard that one of the neighbors was going to have their field sprayed for weeds with a chemical compound. Katie reached out to them to talk about the harmful effects, of which they were unaware. It appeared they had listened to her and changed their mind, until this morning.

I received a call just before 8am and our neighbor wanted to let me know that they had decided to go ahead with the chemical spray. Now this may not seem to be a big deal, but when your animals ingest chemicals from grass, it can cause many issues with the animals health and contaminate their meat if ever eaten. This of course was disturbing to me and I knew would bother Katie a lot. So, instead of telling her, I simply prayed: "God, hold the wind and blow the off spray away from your property."

As my day panned out, I was on the farm most of the day bush hogging and mowing. You want to know which way the wind blew all day in a fairly strong manner? You guessed it! It blew against the line of our property holding any and all off spray away from our grass.

I am telling you, God answers prayer! He is simply longing for us to #1. ASK, and #2 BELIEVE in His mighty power and control over all things, and # to TRUST Him no matter the outcome!

Enjoy The Shepherd!

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