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Quick Update on Carman Family

Last week I told you of some difficulty we faced. Sadly, some gossip had taken place and as it always does, it caused some strife and discord. Unfortunately, I returned the favor in my testimony by casting some ungraceful remarks about those in our family who we were wrestling with. The result was some folks disliking our "foe" without you ever meeting them. This led me to understand the need to be extremely careful, especially on here about what I say about others. We are all family and we need to obey the command of Jesus to "Love One Another!" I do hope any who I caused to be upset will forgive me for leading you down that path.

Moving forward, here is where we are. We have a deadline to move out of our current living situation by June 30th. We are in the process of working on the Barndominium (barn house) over at the farm. Today we primed walls and painted ceilings, and man am I sore. Hopefully we can rest well tonight and recover for another day of painting tomorrow.

What we need your prayers for is strength to complete the work. We are trusting God to provide for what we need to finish up. We need favor with all those who will be working for us (plumbers, electricians, trim guy, etc) that they will be able to come to us quickly and finish the work in quick fashion (while doing a great job and making Katie smile.) We also need favor in the eyes of the county codes dept to be able to make it livable and receive our CO so we can move in by the June 30th deadline.

I would appreciate prayers for mental strength to handle this labor load while also maintaining a high level of excellence in my career as an Auctioneer and Realtor. I tend to be a singularly focused person and not very good at multi tasking. But this situation will require that I be flexible and focused.

Thanks so much family and I pray you each are able to Enjoy The Shepherd!

Ray Carman

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