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Check the Mail.

This Monday started off like most weeks do. Off to work, well, actually a continuing education class for me. I needed some hours for my Auctioneer license and so I went off to South Nashville to attend my class.

As I sat there, soaking in what the speaker had to say, well, at least partially. (If we are all honest, auctioneers in general, do not care for continuing education, we only endure it in order to maintain our license. However, the teacher was actually very interesting and made some great points.) As I sat there, my phone buzzed. It was a text from Katie alerting me that there was trouble in the bank account. Actually, the trouble was there was not much there, LOL. A check had made it out without being recorded and some decisions made financially past that caused an extreme drop in funds.

Being alerted to this, we text back and forth and reassured each other things would be okay and God would see us through. Truthfully, it felt much different than that. Facing some immediate needs on the house we are building and needing to be sure bills were paid and food was on the table, lets be honest, the knots grew in our stomachs. We did our best to stay calm, but a storm was brewing inside.

Later that evening, while talking to my mom, I told her why I seemed a little on edge. She asked if we needed money for food, to which I responded "No, I believe with all my heart, God will take care of us." We have a half a bull in our freezer from last year, so we would make it through. However, the things needed at the barn and things needed for bills was still very much a real thing to deal with. We prayed and went to bed and hoped God would redeem our situation.

Tuesday came and I went to work on the barn to start the process of caulking (ugh, I don't like that job, but it has to be done.) I went about my work and got to cleaning up before we went to caulking. My oldest daughter was helping me work and we were awaiting Katie and the others who were going to arrive around lunch time. Around 11, my phone rang and it was Katie.

She called to notify me that she had went to the mail box and found a check from an account I had recently closed. The funds had finally come in the mail. I smiled a big smile and thanked God while asking her if she had done her "Thank You Jesus Dance!" But there is a funny side to this story.

Monday had gone by and we had been so busy with classes and Katie with family, she had not checked the mail. We spent all day Monday concerned about finances and making sure there was enough money to cover the basics, and all of Monday night and Tuesday morning wondering how we were going to make it, and, that check was sitting in the mail box since Monday about noon. In other words, God had provided right on time, but we did not stop and simply check the mail!

Yes, God allows us to see how silly we can be and allows us to laugh at ourselves. He also uses situations like this to grow our faith and trust in Him. He is forever faithful and might I suggest, the next time you find yourself in a pinch financially and you are expecting a check, check your mailbox for a potential blessing.

Hope you enjoyed a laugh like we did, and I hope you can use our story to know you too can depend on God to supply all your needs.

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