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Do you ever hit those patches in life where something literally consumes you and your time?

That is where I have been for several weeks now. Ever since getting a deadline on moving, all things narrowed into one focus, "Get the barn house done!" I have woke up thinking about it, spent my day working on it, and even dreamed about it.

I had a conversation with my wife today about this. We both feel the exact same way. So much to do in what seems like so little time. Whats even more consuming about it is the fact that most of what is left is DYI (do it yourself) projects which start of with a simple idea, but end up taking a ton of time.

During these stages of life, we can easily miss other things going on around us. We are so focused in on what we have going on, sometimes some really important details can slip right past us without even noticing. Like....

1. We have been praying for God to provide for this house and that it stay paid for as we go. Today, we stopped a second and remembered He has answered that prayer despite our viewpoint that work has been slow.

2. I have been praying He would continually keep a fresh word on my heart for lessons from sheep, and He has been faithful to answer.

3. We have prayed for strength and endurance, and others have joined us in that, and God has answered by giving us the strength for each day.

4. We have asked God to provide our daily bread, and to date, our entire family has not missed a meal.

5. I have asked that God continue to use me up and allow me to share Him with others and to hear about what he is doing, and through your comments, emails, messages, and some dropping by to visit, He has answered.

I say all that to say this, there are times when we feel like our entire focus is consumed by an earthly project or endeavor, but, God is ever faithful and He never slacks off in His care for us. What we must remember to do during a time our life feels consumed, is to slow down in the midst of the fray and look beyond what is going on and see His hand at work, guiding our every step.

So yes, right now, I am very consumed by the fact I must finish a house for my family, but God has allowed himself to be consumed with his love for me and through that love He is providing my every need!

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