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I told you I am a passionate person. I tend to get in a mindset that whatever I am most passionate about, I give my most energy to. I can hear so many who have been following me since February saying, "Yeah, we figured that out!"

Well, sometimes, this can be to a fault. I can really get zoned in and in the process neglect some other duties of mine. I had asked for your prayers recently about work and life in general. I actually had been praying this prayer,

"God, am I an Auctioneer and Realtor who has a ministry on the side, OR, am I a minister who is an Auctioneer and Realtor on the side?"

So many can have different opinions on this, but I wanted God's answer to my question. I wanted to know what direction He had for me.

After two weeks of praying and asking others to pray with me, in a simple conversation, God spoke His answer to me. It was one simple word. "Yes!"

"Ray, you are who I made you to be. I have given you a gift to be a voice for me. I have given you the gift of knowing how to sell homes and farms. I have given you the gift of being an Auctioneer. All you need to do is do your best at whatever I have you doing in the moment. If you are selling a home, do it for My glory. If you are doing a video, do it for My glory. If you are doing an Auction, do it for MY glory. I have made you all of these things and I enjoy when you are just being who I made you to be."

What a huge burden lifted off me. You see, I had allowed a small handful of people to whisper in my ear that I no longer needed to be a realtor or auctioneer on Facebook because I was now a minster of God. And believe you me, I would love to serve God in a ministry capacity full time, but that is not what God has on my heart. I look at the Apostle Paul and over and over in Corinthians and Thessalonians that he was "proud" that he had been able to work night and day in order to not be a burden to the church. This is the heart God has given me.

So I ask you to bear with me as I seek to work my hands both night and day to provide for the needs of my family by using my personal FB page for both my work and the Enjoy The Shepherd videos. I ask for your prayers that I will not allow the few to direct the truth of God in my life. I too am completely human and can fall prey to my evil desire to be liked by all instead of seeking His smile. It is a human thing to wrestle with this.

I appreciate God giving me the gift to both share His love in such a simple form from a sheep field, and I also praise His name for the gift to be able to work.

Enjoy The Shepherd!


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