Impact on Jesus week #17

impact Week #17


I wander how much Jesus must have related to David and his story. I am sure when Jesus read "a man after Gods own heart" he longed to be known as a man with that heart. Yet, Davids life was full of trouble and turmoil.

David goes out and defeats Goliath and he is praised as a Mighty warrior. From this, contempt and hate begins to take hold in the life of Saul. Suddenly, this young boy who had played the harp for him and helped him win a huge victory is the subject of his evil desires. Saul tries killing David. He attempted to do this with his own spear, sending David into perilous fighting situations, all while David was faithful to serve him.

I am sure this confused David as he went into hiding. David had already been anointed king over Israel, but from his perspective, he would not live to see the throne. David had forged a close friendship with Jonathan, Sauls son, yet not even that or marriage to Sauls daughter seemed to turn the heart of the king toward him. He had helped Saul win battles, secured victory in the name of Saul, was there to play sharp anytime Saul was troubled, yet still he was hated.

Now David has to flee, leaving behind all he had known, including his best friend Jonathan. He weeps as he says goodbye to Jonathan, knowing he will more than likely never see him again. Davids life had been turned upside down, yet one thing seemed to remain true, David trusted and hoped in God!

The life Jesus lived was similar in so many ways. Despised by the ones he came to save. Rejected by those who should have loved him the most. Several times attempts were made on his life by the hands of the people he had performed miracles for and even fed along the way. I imagine some of his nights alone with his Father, Jesus too must have wept as he pondered the enormous hatred vented toward him, causing him to live in the hedges and highways. Yet, like David, Jesus committed his heart to pursue the heart of His Father's. Jesus determined to remain true no matter what it cost him! Jesus loved the Lord his God even through the pains, tears, and sorrows of being hated by those he served.

May my heart be like that of David, like that of Jesus! May I love even when I am hated. May I serve even when I am despised. May my heart ache for the salvation of the very ones who seek to destroy me. May my focus be like that of Jesus, to remain faithful regardless of my circumstances.

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When I think of the life of David, I tend to remember beating the giant and the wars he won. I think of the Psalms he wrote about green pastures and still waters. Or that he was anointed king and served as king for many years and that Jesus is a descendant of David.

1 Samuel 21 begins a chapter in Davids life that is far from "glamorous." David goes begging for bread from the priest at Nob. He lies about why he is there and seeks help from the priest. He also gets Goliaths sword because he fled from Saul in such desperation that he took nothing with him. This is the beginning of a period in David's life where he is constantly living on the run, hiding in the wilderness, and scraping to get by.

In 1 Samuel 21:10-15, David actually pretends to be insane, allowing drool to run down his beard all to try and save his own life. The point being, Davids life was not always pretty and peaceful and full of prosperity.

I know for certain this part of David's life meant a lot to Jesus. Jesus would not live the life of a king here on earth as David did. Most of Jesus' life looked more like this part of David's life. People hunting him down trying to kill him. Wondering in the wilderness, sometimes very hungry for food. Jesus even quotes this portion of Davids life when he and the disciples are accused of taking wheat heads from the fields on a Sabbath (did not David and his men eat the bread meant only for priest?)

And Jesus lived with the reality, as did David, that those who helped him would suffer. At the end of chapter 22, Saul had the priest who unwittingly helped David (remember, David lied about why he was there) killed along with the entire town of Nob. It was a message to the rest of the Israelites that any who sided with David would surely die.

Jesus knew all who followed him would face trouble, trials, and tribulation in this world. Unlike David, he did not lie about his mission or why he was here, and he did not hide from his followers what following him would cost them "In the world you will have trouble."

Jesus learned from David's life that simply being anointed as Gods chosen one did not mean a life of ease and prosperity. What he did learn was that being God's anointed meant being hated by those who rejected God. Following God could (and would for him) mean having your life out in danger and possibly dying for simply being His anointed one.

Jesus learned from David that his life would not be easy, but he also learned it would be more than worth it! (Because the story continues)

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As I sit here in Cincinnati I pondered what I read early this morning. 1 Samuel 23 and 24. Wow, how deep the impact seemed to be here.

In 23, David hears members of his tribe are under attack by the Philistines. He "inquires of the Lord" and asked if he should go help and if they would win. God tells him clearly to go and that they would win.

But when David rallied the men, they did not want to go. They cried that the Philistines and their own people under king Saul would prefer them dead, so why should they help? So David paused and again "inquired of the Lord" if he should go. Again, God tells him to go and confirms they will be victorious. Therefore David obeyed and went.

Once there, they defeated the enemy, and just as his men assumed, Saul caught wind of it and was on his way to kill them. Again, David "inquired of the Lord" wether Saul meant him harm (answer: Yes) and if the people he just saved would turn him over to Saul (answer: They Will). So David fled.

As Jesus heard this story, I am certain the thing that stuck out the most was that David continually "inquired of the Lord" before making a move. David wanted to do what God wanted him to do. He wanted to go where God wanted him to go, regardless of the logic or possible danger. Jesus learned that David's decision was not a matter of logic or common sense, but of obedience to God.

We see the impact this had on Jesus as he consistently can be found "inquiring of the Lord." He declared "I do what I see my Father doing. I go where my Father sends me. I obey my Father." How did Jesus know what to do? When and where to go? He "inquired of the Lord."

I pray that this story would impact me as it did Jesus. That I too would "inquire of the Lord" and that I would boldly obey regardless of what others may say or what logic would presume. May my decisions be rooted not in common sense, but in obedience to my God!

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1 Samuel 25

Jesus reads/hears the story of David, Nabal, and Abigail. David is sending men to get some provisions from Nabal, but Nabal is a harsh man and sends Davids men away empty handed. In fury, David mounts up with full intention of killing Nabal and all his men.

While on his way, Nabals wife Abigail comes out and meets David with provisions. David has just uttered a curse on himself if he does not lol Nabal and all that is His by nightfall and then Abigail arrives. She bows before him, begs him pardon her harsh husband and accept her gift. She uses these words: