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Updates on Enjoy the Shepherd

Wow, Can you believe it has been over a year and a half since God set Enjoy the Shepherd in motion. I honestly never thought I would ever be blessed to be invited into so many lives to share stories of God's love through lessons from sheep. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself writing a book, much less books. I never expected the reactions to the videos, the emails, the messages, the letters, and the encouragement and prayers that would be sent our way. I also could never have imagined meeting so many lovers of Jesus in person who God connected me to through these sheep. Isn't it amazing what God can do with something as simple as lamb!! Imagine what He can do with you! As a part of this, our lives are completely different than what they were 18 months ago. We still live on a farm and have to carry on daily activities as usual. But there have also been several changes. Just in normal life, we have entered the world of having a high schooler as Hailey has entered ninth grade and for the first time has ventured into "going to school." We were blessed to home school our children but knew there would come a time they would need to enter the mission field of high school. So that has changed so much of our schedule, including my mornings and opportunities to shoot morning videos. This is something we are seeking to try and remedy as God shows us His way and new things to share. We also have had several other opportunities arise which involve me traveling to both learn and speak to others about the Good Shepherd's love for his people. This has led to growth and growing pains at home and for our family, but worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive the reward of His suffering. So we are thrilled to go as He opens doors. Just as Enjoy the Shepherd began, our family also joined another local family here in the establishing a network of house churches here in our area. This is something God laid on our hearts, and God is moving. The reason we know He is up to something good is the spiritual battles that have come through it all. I am so thrilled about what all God is doing in and through Eikon House as well. I am considered one of the co-pastors at this point and foresee very soon there being many in our gathering who will soon be pastoring(shepherding) their own flocks. I cannot wait. But as the kingdom of God expands, the battle against the enemy grows. I have continued my real estate and Auctioneer careers here at home, but also now am deeply entrenched in seeking to allow the Father to work through me with the videos, discipleship opportunities, and have several more writing ideas running through my mind. So it is crucial I allow God to lead me in His path and remember to allow the Spirit to bring balance to both of these paths. Thanks for praying for me in this regard. Lastly, I wanted to announce that we have just released the children's book, Precious and the Good Shepherd, based off the video and story in the video that went viral about the rejected lamb, Precious. The book is available on Amazon, but we also have it on our website, where we have been able to offer it for a cheaper price than Amazon. We are currently putting together a coloring book to go along with it as well. We have made bundle packages of this new project as well as bundle packages of the daily devotional book as well on our website. As we are excitedly seeking His face for the steps forward, I would like to attempt to make a new focus for this email list and I hope you will all be on board for this shift in focus. I would like to begin to use it as a tool to send out weekly updates on Thursdays regarding what is going on in our lives and with Enjoy The Shepherd. It will be an opportunity to share prayer request and praise with you as we continue to Seek His Kingdom first and share the love of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. To join our mailing list for weekly updates and word of encouragement, sign up here: I am so excited about the days ahead! Thanks for joining the journey along side of us. Go Enjoy The Shepherd! #EnjoyTheShepherd For todays video, click here: For More videos and lessons visit

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