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Dear Ray,

I've been hesitant to share my story with you. But, after watching your video this morning I felt I should. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw your video of that little lamb Precious being rejected by his Mother.


It moved me to tears. And I felt connected to that little lamb. Because I was abandoned not only by my Mama but by my Daddy as well. Because when I was 18 years old my Mama committed suicide. I was the last one to talk to her and the first to find her laying in the kitchen. After her death my world was turned upside down. And I saw my Daddy's true colors. He emotionally abused me and used his wife's (my Mamas) death to his advantage.


I almost lost my mind after losing my Mama. But, what saved me was a little kitten named Krissy. She was God sent. She slept on my pillow at night and was there for me when no one else was. If it wasn't for the Lord intervening Who knows what would've happened to me. And for that I am thankful.


Fast forward to today I'm married for 30 years to a great man. We have two great kids together. I still have my struggles with my faith. But, who doesn't? And I've questioned God as to why things happen the way they do. But, your videos have given me a renewed faith in man and God.


In closing I will add my heart breaks for you in loosing Precious. But, your story has just begun. Precious was a special little lamb who touched a lot of people's lives including mine. But, what touched me the most was your message during that video during Precious rejection. Thank you so much Ray for that touching video. It brought me to my knees. And I cried like a baby seeing that little lamp being rejected by its Mama. I watch your videos every morning. Your messages are very powerful. And have touched the lives of so many people. If you want to share my story you have my permission. Tina

A God Sent Kitten

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