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As time passed by, our longings grew even stronger. Katie and I both had a huge desire to be in the Gallatin area. We longed to see Hailey's need for her dental work met, and I desired to have a truck for work. Being as truthful as possible. as we prayed, it still all seemed so hopeless from our human perspective, But God....... God is so much greater than our imagination. I have a dear friend and his favorite quote is "But God." Although my mind told me what our hearts desired was impossible, God told me with Him ALL things are possible. When my mind asked, "Why would He do it for me?" God told me He loved me. So one day in March, as I was driving to work, these longings of my heart burst forth from my lips. I said out loud, "God, I would really like to have a truck." To my amazement, He spoke right back and asked me a question. "What do you want Ray?" I answered, "Daddy, I would really like a white Dodge truck, 4 door so the family could ride in it all together, I would like the Hemi engine like I had before, and I would like a 2009 or 2010 model. Just a basic truck Father." After laying out my desire specifically, that was the end of that conversation. A few days later, as I was again in my car headed to work, I had another one of those moments. I was talking to God and the burden to move to the Gallatin area was heavy on my heart. This is something I knew was HUGE to my wife, and even more, the burden had grown in my heart. We both felt as if that is where He wanted us to be. However, I had a draw back in my own heart. We had been raising sheep for the past three years, and I really enjoyed raising them. Our guard dogs, sheep, chickens, and us had formed a little family all together and I was uncertain that I was ready to give that up. After all, prices for land in Gallatin made owning a small farm seem even more absurd that having money to buy a house in the area. So I took it to God and said........ "Daddy, I really want to move to Gallatin. Our hearts are there and we sense You leading us there for your name sake. But Daddy, I really would like to keep my sheep." Then again, God said, "Ray, What do you want?" I answered, "Well Father, I would love about 15-25 acres within a few minutes of Gallatin on which we can both live and raise our animals. And above all, we would like to have it with no debt so as to remain true to Your word for our lives to "owe no man anything." His response was the same as before, just a simple peace once I had told Him specifically what my heart desired. When I got home on those two days, I told Katie of what had happened, and from that day forward, my belief that He was going to do something great grew. I did not know if it would be in months or years, but I knew He cared enough to ask me what I wanted specifically and I had great peace in the days ahead

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