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Enjoying The Shepherd: Update for 11/16/17

It is always a refreshing moment when you remember that this walk with Jesus as our Good Shepherd is a journey. So many times it is easy to get wrapped up in the wish that I was completely transformed and sanctified RIGHT NOW! However, just like working through issues with real sheep, slowly perfecting them and earning their complete trust over time, it is the same with my Good Shepherd and me. I am grateful he is kind and patient, and that he never gives up on his goal of making me flawless!

This week has held some very exciting times for me. God has encouraged me greatly through several different things.

1. Reuniting with a great friend and brother in Christ. It has been almost 20 years since we were able to sit down and enjoy fellowship around Jesus, our Savior and King. This has lifted me up so high.

2. We received our second shipment of the children's book, Precious and the Good Shepherd, and have just received the shipping confirmation on the first round of the Coloring and Activity Books. This is a fun time here at the house as we pray this story and even the coloring book are used for God's glory.

3. With all the victories, I have also had those moments of realizing the spiritual warfare is increasing in intensity. I won't pretend that this is fun, because fighting never is. However, I am thankful God has consider me worthy to join Him in this battle and put on the Armor of God and PRAY! I so love the fact that our part as soldiers in his army is to Pray for Him to win the victory. The battle is fought and won through the Holy Spirit as we pray!

A few prayer request:

1. I have asked God for a HUGE prayer regarding book sales this month and for the next 6 months. I have asked Him for numbers that possibly seem unreasonable, especially considering the current pace and that it is self published and has no marketing from a publishing firm behind it. But I believe God is greater than all obstacles. Would you join me in asking God to meet and even exceed these goals. I have a specific number for the Children's book and Devotional before Christmas and one for 6 months. Ask God to do it, He know the numbers.

2. There is a war going on aimed at bringing division here in our home, in our local body of believers, and globally in the bride of Christ. I have been praying prayers found in Scripture for God to give us (his body) the Spirit of Unity, wisdom, and revelation, so that we might know Him more fully, bring Glory to God, and as Jesus prayed in John 17, so that the world would look at our unity as His body and know Jesus was sent from God and glorify Him! Will you join us?

3. That my focus will remain on the prize of knowing Jesus. That I would be bold in sharing the good news of our freedom in Jesus Christ as the sheep of His pasture. That as He lays on my heart more stories to share, more stories to write, more books to publish, that my eyes would never be taken of the deepest desire of my heart, to know Christ and Him crucified. Pray my words will lift up the body, offer healing to the broken, and glorify Jesus as the name above all names.

Thanks again!


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