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Thanksgiving Week Update, Enjoying The Shepherd

Thanksgiving is by FAR my most favorite holiday. It is a day of simply enjoying friends and family around some food. No pressure on gifts or who has on the best clothes. Just a time to enjoy each other and time spent together. It is also a great time of reflection.

This week alone has been one filled with things to be thankful for. So many people have blessed me and my family this week. Like when the Enemy crept into our home this week and stirred up division in our house, we had a group of friends and family in Christ surround us in prayer and love, allowing the Holy Spirit to fight for us, even when we felt like giving up.

Or how about just seeing God move in awesome ways in allowing several Real Estate transactions to take place and therefore bless our family for the winter time coming ahead.

Then there are just those moments when your kids say or do something awesome that makes your heart sore. Things like when your seven year old is asked what he is thankful for and he says, "For Jesus dying for my sins and I love God with all my heart and He loves me with all His heart!" Moments like that that cause you to pray that the Lord will allow that to sink deep into his heart while he is young, so when he is old he will never forget it.

Then there is YOU. Yes, you, the one reading this right now. Because 20 months ago, most of you and I were not connected and did not know each other. We were connected as the body of Christ, but we had never heard of each other. Until the lamb in the photo above was born, (Precious) and was rejected by her mother, and through her short life we were brought together. What an amazing journey it has been since then. From all corners of the world, we began to realize even through a moment of sadness in a lambs life, we have found the joy of knowing one another in Christ.

And for all of that and so much more, I am thankful.

As we move into the holiday season, please continue to pray that God will do as He wishes with both the devotional book and the children's book. Pray that each one who reads them will be drawn closer to Jesus and learn the heart of the Good Shepherd and His love for them.

Continue to pray as we seek to draw closer ourselves, Being the One sitting at his feet, that we would remain vigilant as we know the Enemy will not take that sitting down. As we strive to lead other lost sheep away from the wolves and back to Jesus, we know there will be a war. Pray we put on our Armor daily and rest in His protection.

Pray as I will be traveling to California soon and gathering with other men seeking to know Jesus more fully. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this time to glorify His name. I also will be speaking in January at a discipleship conference, speaking to leaders about learning to follow Jesus as an act of leadership. Pray the Lord make his way and His word clear for that time.

Continue to pray regarding our goal for the book sales for this coming month. As you pray, will you join me in thinking of 5 people you personally could tell about the devotional and children's book about Precious and the Good Shepherd and ask them to visit the website, or Amazon and pick up their own copy.

Finally, what can we pray with you about? We are one body, with one Head, Jesus Christ. We long to support you as you support us. Please send your prayer request to

Thanks again and may you always Enjoy Jesus, your Good Shepherd.


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