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Trust and Obey!

To say the least, there was a TON of praying that went on in the Carman household over the next few weeks. We followed sound counsel given by several people and followed God where we sensed He was leading. As we made our proposal for the property, we did so covered in prayer and at full peace. Katie and I had both talked and this is something we felt God was leading us in and therefore we felt we could go forward with confidence. Let me be the first to say, it would be so nice from our perspective if something like this got a quick positive answer and we could move forward. But that is rarely how our Father works. No, for the next three weeks it was process of going back and forth and at several junctions just did not seem like it was going to happen. However, we started the process saying "If God wants it to happen, NOTHING can stand against him, and if He is against it, it WILL NOT happen. I cannot lie, there were some moments of anxiety and panic on my behalf. As we were waiting for a reply to an offer, I would think of anything I could possibly do to make it work. I wanted so badly to give my family some of these things, that I wanted to "make it happen." However, God in His wisdom, would send my wife to calm me down and remind me that it was up to Him. Only He could bring this to pass if it was his will. There was no lack for detractors along the way. Several spoke out loudly against what was happening, others said it behind close doors. Many of these conversations made it back to us and were very discouraging. However, Daddy would never fail to send His encouragers and uplifters of our spirits to bring us peace and joy in the middle of the trials. When it was all said and done, 3 weeks later, we had an agreement. We had just put a lot on the line, having to take a huge step of faith in trusting God. I had always heard God would not disappoint, but this was one of those, "Please don't fail me now!" moments. God was at work, now it was time to simply trust and obey, knowing He had us and the entire process in His hands.

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