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Don't Forget to Remember (give God ALL the glory)

As I write this part of the story, I am reminded of something George Mueller said multiple times in His journal....."I do not write these things down to boast of my faith or anything of what I have done, but rather, to encourage God's people to remember, God will provide for his people." After coming to an agreement with the family, my next few weeks were filled with dong the things I really enjoy. Everything involved nan auction process I really enjoy. When part of that means riding on a tractor, cutting down old fences to clean up things, and working with people to prep things, it is even more fun for me. And over the next two months I got to do all of that with great joy. While the process was in motion, i also was given the pleasure of making friends with the former farm hand on the place and even the owner. I learned a great deal of history on the family and property and can honestly say, no matter what the outcome, I was having a ball. As the weeks passed, things at home financially did not change a lot. We still had the need of Hailey's dental work. Having enough money for food was a daily thing to consider, and we still were a LONG way off from the dreams of having our own place near Gallatin where we could live and farm, and lastly, still wanted that truck. On the side, there were a couple of potential clients who could really play a big part in helping along the financial path, both looking in the 7 figure range, but both of them did not pan out. There was a little here and little there, enough to keep us going, but it was a gift from God because it kept us on our knees before Him, learning to trust Him for our daily needs. I learned that if you cannot trust God for the little things, how will one ever trust Him for the big ones? I look back now and can see that was a BIG part of our three years where we were. We were forced in a manner of speaking to look only to Him for our needs. It was a hard journey, but one I personally needed in a big way. It seems like we have a tendency to run to God for the BIG items on our list of wants and needs, but forget how much He loves to be involved in the small things. As I rode tractors, tore out fences, and ran a mower, God spent time reminding me of how He was intimately involved in many small things in my life. In essence, He hit the play button so I could remember how He had met before......

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