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When a Door Opens......

I have to admit, after this past year, I really did not expect myself to be sitting where I am right now. Over the past 4 weeks, so much has changed. I have heard from some folks I haven't in awhile, and although not surprised by what they said, it was hard none the less. There has also been some painful moments when you realize what you were hoping might happen in your own life was not necessarily His plan. The hardest thing to remember in these kind of moments is that He actually has a Better Plan that maybe what your dreams were. But it is truth. Without details, I will just say God allowed a moment in which my heart (and maybe pride) was hurt by some very close to me. It was some very troubling moments, especially for a red head with a temper (yes I used to have hair!) I can remember the initial anger as if it had just happened and I remember what I wanted to say in the moment, however, GOD. Over the past 10 years, God has created in me what I call the "pause" button. Something a great friend of mine once taught me through his experience! (Thanks Matt Robertson.) So I sat down and wrote out my frustrations, then I hit the pause button, which meant I just set it aside. In His amazing way, he allowed that pause button to be pushed long enough for the anger to subside and a time for counsel to be sought. And His provision this time was the counsel itself. God has placed some very key figures in my life to whom I can turn at anytime to seek their opinions and thoughts. There is a reason God said that "in the counsel of many one can find wisdom." And God knows so well our need for the provision of wisdom. That is why He has placed key people in our lives to be there when we need advise. And I can honestly say He has blessed me with some very wise and Godly men for this role in my life. Guys who speak without the conflict of the emotion of the situation. Guys who are willing to pray and think it through. And Guys who are willing to come back and maybe even say what they initially said was not right. Amazing friends with whom to walk the path of life. I am so excited about what God is up to. He has spoken so much through our life and circumstances over the past 10 years, it has been amazing. Soon I want to tell you about the "One Sheep at His Feet," but that is another day. Today I want to say that God has opened up doors in which His children can pursue Him with all their hearts. Doors that lead to opportunities to draw closer to Him, and sometimes those doors are through trials and tribulations, and sometimes they lead through fields of green pasture. But no matter what He has behind the door, His goal is to make us more like Jesus and ultimately prepare us for an Eternity of walking in his presence. God Himself Will Provide!

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