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Where Sin Feels Safe!

Warning: This article may go against the main stream thinking in the Church today.

I cringe every time I hear someone say, "We want our church to be a place where a sinner feels safe to come in." Oh how this causes The Spirit to ache and groan within me. Do we not understand what we are doing if we create a "safe place for sinners."

Now, I completely understand the idea and concept of the truth that we are all sinners and live daily with our faults. I completely grasp the knowledge that we are to live in a state of forgiveness of every fall that happens within the body. I also agree that we should be a people who a sinner can turn to and know that we love them. 100% we are on the same page.

However, the temple of God (His People and the Body of Christ) is not a place a sinner should feel safe (unless they have been clothed in the righteousness of Christ.) This is what I mean:

Just this year alone, in my small corner of the world, I have been faced with 6 different marriages that were corrupted with affairs. If you could understand how literally small my corner of the world is, this should shock you. Also, even more so, every case involves people who are professing believers who spend time working, serving, and being a part of the local church. Why you ask?

Well, I mentioned that in a past article. When we are comfortable glorying in sin on the big screen, or on the TV, or in someone else's life, or even in a book, we are setting ourselves up to partake in that sin as well. Sin is not a toy, it is a snake that looks beautiful as it wraps around you, but once it starts to constrict, it does not stop until it has killed you. It wants to swallow you up and destroy you!

Here is the problem that arises from "creating a safe place for sinners." You are also creating a place where sin feels safe to grow and fester, slither its way around and latch on to as many in the room as possible. You cannot create a safe place for a sinner without also creating a breeding ground for sin! Mark those words!

The Apostle Paul said to confront the brother or sister in sin, if they did not listen, to go to them with 2 or 3, and if they still did not listen, they were to be dismissed from the church (turned over to Satan for a season)! Harsh? No! Paul knew if sin was allowed to creep around the body, then it would be like a contagious disease and infect many more. Now did they hate the sinner? NO! They simply were not going to tolerate sin in God's HOLY house!

Please hear my heart! We should never strive to create a place where a sinner feels safe, because it will create a place for sin to flourish. We SHOULD absolutely have a place where a sinner is welcome to come in, however, when he enters in God's HOLY presence amongst the people (church) of God, the sin living in the sinner should ache, groan, and SCREAM, because sin should NEVER feel comfortable in the presence of God and in the midst of His people!

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