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His Hand Provides through Prayer

I am currently reading "Release the Power of Prayer," another small book detailing more of George Mueller's life and prayers that were answered. I am moved by how he sought God for everything, big and small, and how he "expected" answers. He encourages all believers to pray and look expectantly to God to answer their prayers. So this past Saturday I had a fairly large auction come up. I had been working for over 6 weeks prepping, marketing, and working through obstacles to see it come to pass. I had poured my heart out into this project as I try and do with any I am involved in as a thank you to God for allowing me the pleasure of doing work I enjoy. This is also the means by which He allows me to provide for my family, but more so, these properties are very meaningful to the owners for whom I work. Therefore, I strive to give it my all and my best. So with this sale coming up, a "perfect day" would be sun shining and 65 degrees. However, this is November 28th we are talking about in TN and the weather said rain was moving in on Friday evening and staying for 4 days. I knew that the buyers would come no matter what, because experience tells me so. However, of the sellers sake, you hope for the best. Therefore, I simply prayed, 'Lord please hold off the bulk of the rain till after the sale and blow our minds as to the outcome of it for Your glory and for the sake of the sellers." And that was it. Simple prayer and I "looked expectantly" unto my Daddy to answer my prayers. On Saturday morning, we had only had a drizzle through the evening and throughout the sale. The number of people who came out was literally mind blowing because we only had 8 tracts of land to offer, yet we had over 100 people come to the auction in drizzling, cool weather. On top of that, the final sales price exceeded everyone of our estimations by 20%. All that to simply say, yes, God answered prayer in the Bible when Jesus prayed. He also answered prayer when George Mueller and Hudson Taylor prayed. He also answered prayer when Ray Carman prayed. All simply men looking to their Heavenly Daddy who told us through His Son, "If you believe, you WILL receive whatever you ask for in prayer!" When God moves you to pray and burdens your heart, He longs for you to come to Him in prayer so He may answer. He may not do it immediately, (one man prayed for 50 years for the salvation of two men, and his prayer was answered after his death!), but He will build the strength of your faith through patiently awaiting His answer and once he has answered, He will build your Fatih in preparation for the next trial before you! Your Brother, Ray Carman

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