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As The Floodgates Open

Well, I sit here today, typing with only my left hand as my right arm recovers from surgery to reattach my bicep tendon. That is a story for another day, however, this process has reminded me of God's overwhelming goodness and provisions. When we started this journey, it had all been sparked by me being in a hopeless place and God bringing hope and direction through a brother who lived over 100 years ago, George Mueller. Amazing how as I have written down my story I wondered how it could ever be of real help to anyone much, and I imagine George no doubt felt the same. And in our day and age of technology, it was actually a book that made its way home to my heart. No doubt my life has changed dramatically over the past 12 months as God has set new courses ahead, but amazingly He has never changed and never will. We started the journey with our desire to move back to Gallatin, with a newer truck for me, and money to attend to our daughter's dental needs. We started with no hope, and as God worked, He strengthened our faith through His never failing faith. Our desires were HUGE in our eyes, but as we learned, only a little thing in the hands of a mighty God. In January 2014, we had little to no money, big desires, and from our outlook pointless dreams. After reading Mr Mueller's story and being reaffirmed in my heart God desired for us to become free of debt and stay there, trusting Him only to meet our needs, we began to pray. We prayed, we cried, we watched, we faltered, we hoped, and we prayed more earnestly. On July 18th, we saw God meet EVERY request and then some. He provided 24 acres for us just out of Gallatin, paid in full! He provided the funds for Hailey's dental care in full! He provided the very truck I had prayed for down to the very last detail! He did it all and kept us free from the slavery of debt. Now some will ask, why do I share this? My answer comes from a man who I feel one at heart with although we live centuries apart. "I only say these things because I want God's people, and the world to know, God Himself will Provide." Now our story is on going. We still have needs and desires and we know others who do as well. Do not mistake this story as a "name it and claim it" one. I do not see God as a genie in a bottle waiting to give us our wishes. No. He started this all by placing a deep desire in our hearts for a people in an area. He then led us to pray and wait for His provision. He placed test of our faith along the way (many actually), and He gave grace for our faith to be increased. He did this all, from beginning to end. And now He wants to do more. As this journey continues, I hope to share what he is doing and things he has done, like, as my faith and convictions were recently faltering, he placed another couple of books in my hands, both which richly encouraged me. One being the stories of Hudson Taylor, missionary to China in the 1800's who too desired to stay free of debt, only bring his needs before his Heavenly Daddy, and who saw many of financial needs answered as God led none other than George Mueller to contribute to his work! Yes, God is amazing, and He loves his own. He has placed a desire on my heart to share with His people what He wants to do for His own. May we ever praise His name! God Himself Can, Does, and Will Provide.

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