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Meet George Mueller

It was a cold January Sunday, and I can honestly say I was feeling rather low and lonely. After having spent the evening at Katie's mothers house with her and the kids, we had decided to go and visit a church service close by. I had not set foot in a church other than an occasional visit to my dad's church in over 7 years. (not going to church is another God story for another time I would say, but it had been vital in my walk with Father to not be there). But I was desperate for something, for what I wasn't sure. Whatever "it" was, I suppose I was hoping to find a glimpse at the church. Not to offend anyone, but it did not happen. It was a typical church service I was used to in the south, but I did not sense the Holy Spirit speaking a word to me through what happened there that morning. So, we went back to the house and around 2pm that afternoon, I noticed something unusual. Quietness! The reason this was unusual is because we have four kids and the boys were 4 and 2, and typically not quiet. As I walked around, I realized the boys were sleeping along with Katie and her mom and my girls were both reading. Therefore, I decided to join them and went to located a book. In the Sharps computer room is a built in wall shelf full of books. Novels, fiction, non-fiction, and various other forms of reading. As I scanned the books I saw Helen Keller's name, and a few others. I almost set about to read one, but decided to give it one more look. I asked God, "What do you want me to read?" That is when I saw the name, George Mueller. Located on the shelf was a book that I had read back in middle school. I picked it up and decided I would see what I could remember about George Mueller. As I started I realized it was an auto-biography. George telling his own story. I have always liked hearing the story from the horses mouth so to speak. I encourage you to read this mans story on your own if you can, but an overview is this. He was raised to be a clergyman, but not for God, but rather for the money. He lived a life of sin as a youth, until God radically transformed him. He then carried on in the service of God, but not for money anymore. He pastored and served in Germany in the mid 1800's. Then God started working in his heart regarding money. George was paid by his church to be the pastor. George began to question this in his heart and felt led to stop receiving salary for preaching. He felt as if God wanted him to trust Him and only Him for his needs. Also, he felt receiving a salary would give the leaders in the church a possibility to sway what he was preaching if they did not like what God had to say. So he stopped receiving salary and placed a box for donations at the back of the building. George also was strongly convicted to not tell anyone of his needs except God alone. When they were in need of money, food, clothes, etc, George would take it only to God and await his answer. George repeatedly said, "I want the world and God's people to know that God provides for His children!" That was the only reason George ever published his story, so God's people would know that God provides. I was captivated on that Sunday afternoon, and I read for hours. My next 7 days, I spent every free minute, usually at night before going to sleep, reading this man's story. And God started to move in my heart.........

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