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How To Say It.....

Ever had something you felt you needed to say, but you were not sure how to say it?

That is something I struggle with a lot. There are times I sense a need to say something or have that urge to stand boldly on an issue, but that pesky little voice saying I am not saying it correctly or will be misunderstood crops up.

What I have learned in my short 40 years is that is voice has a name. Fear. It is fear that keeps us so many times from saying what we are compelled by the Spirit to say. Fear of being misunderstood. Fear of standing against the popular grain. Fear of losing our popularity. Fear of being rejected and left alone because of our obedience.

Truth is, sometimes saying what we are led to say can get us all the things mentioned above. Joseph ended up in a pit and then a prison. Jeremiah was thrown in a septic tank for his obedience. Elijah was hunted by the king and queen of his day. Paul ended up in prison. John was exiled to the isle of Patmos. Jesus was crucified on the cross. The list of doing and saying what the Spirit led others to say ending them up in very unfavorable earthly places is long in Scripture and history. However, there is a very important question we must answer, and it will reveal much of the heart.

Whose approval are we seeking and whose approval do we prefer? God or Man?

The answer to that question separates those whom God has called and uses from those He has called but who choose this world over him. It is the separating line found in Matthew 7 when he tells some to enter into His presence and others to depart from him because He never knew them.

There is much to say and there is still the question of how to say it, but the truth is, it MUST be said!

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