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How Do I Say It

Ever had a moment you wanted to say something, but you did not know how, or were afraid to? Or maybe you just knew you could not or were not suppose to?

Yep, that is where I sit today. There are things I want to say, but it is as if Father has put a block on those very things. John saw things in book of Revelation that he was told to "seal up" for that time.

Personally, I despise these times. I am a talker by nature and I want to share and pour out everything that hits my mind, but God has more often than not put a stop to it. He knows it is not time for that word, or maybe He simply longs for the heart of the bearer to turn to him in trust with watchful eyes.

In my case today, I know in my heart He is simply longing for me to sit still, quietly watching for Him to move in a mighty way. I so want to shout out, but He is calling for silence. I wrestle with god on these days because I feel like I could fix it if I simply said what was on my mind. However, I know from past experience, when I have disobeyed and spoken my mind, the outcome has been okay, but it was not for His glory.

So, today, I strive to sit still. Yes, I have to strive, wrestle, fight, to sit still. Sit, and watch, and wait, and see the hand of God move.

Thank you all for praying, for giving of yourself, your time, your resources, to support us. We are truly grateful. Please continue to pray as today I fight to be still and wait on the Lord.

God Bless

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