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Clinging to Trust

How I remember the day I took this picture. It was so peaceful and calm. Precious and I had enjoyed a time in the back yard and when she was tired, she just laid down and I plopped down beside her. That was a refreshing day for me, reminding me when I am tired, my Good Shepherd allows me rest and He is right there with me.

Today I was tired and I needed some rest. For a moment, I felt my Shepherd lay down beside me.

I made a decision at the beginning of Enjoy The Shepherd, when this was all thrust upon me with the birth of Precious the Rejected Lamb, to never ask for money or to share my personal needs. My decision was based on my unity in heart with George Mueller as I read his story. This past week it was confirmed in a meeting I had where I was told about a modern day "George Mueller" who actually put in his bylaws of his ministry to "never ask for money and never tell any man a need." Now many would say that is crazy, but the truth is bound up in what George said so many years ago. He said, "I want the people of God to know that God still provides." George lived his life in prayer, and this modern day follower reiterated this with his words when asked why he lived like this: "So when the prayer is answered, I know it was God."

I was asked in that same meeting if I was working on "personal development," aka reading books and expanding my knowledge. Growth. In this past year, I have read over a dozen books and all of them had a central theme, prayer. Here is where I missed the mark. The follow up question was, "How have you implemented this new knowledge?" That is when I realized I had been doing a lot of reading, but not much had changed. Yes, I have in this past year experienced some very sweet times in prayer. Most recently, I came to God very upset about my personal situation, wondering what He was up to, only to end the night singing "You are PERFECT in all of Your ways!" Prayer had changed my perspective, yet I still struggle to discipline myself to pray.

That led up to today. I had a closing to attend and I honestly was wondering if I would even be able to make it to the closing and back with the gas I had. God has allowed us to be in a place that requires a daily "Ruthless Trust." As time drew near to to go to the closing, I decided to do 15 more minutes of work. As that time was finishing up, an envelope was placed in front of me, and you guessed it, there was enough money in there to give me a tank of gas and little extra for lunch. I almost cried as I laughed! I heard a whisper, "Lay down Precious, take a rest. I am still taking care of you."

We must remember, in the middle of our difficult circumstances, He is still in control. God has this covered. No, all my financial needs were not miraculously removed, but it was a small (yet huge) reminder that my Good Shepherd always has his eyes on me.

Go ahead! Take a moment and rest! Enjoy some time with the Good Shepherd.


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