Impact on Jesus Week #9

I am so thankful that I was pushed to look at the Old Testament in a new and fresh way this year. I was led to ask a simple question as I read through these stories of old. I have been amazed at what I have seen and am finding it hard to contain it to small looks into these passages each day as I am finding them so rich with impactful moments that directed Jesus in the paths he should take. I pray you enjoy this journey with me.

Monday 3/13/17

Numbers 27:15-17 is a summary of Moses final request to God before he was going to die. God had invited him up on a mountain to "look into" the promised land, but Moses himself could not enter because he failed to honor the Lord at the waters of Meribah.

In these verses, Moses ask God to "appoint a man" who could lead Israel and both take them out and lead them in (both shepherding terms). The reason Moses asked this was so that the "Lord's people would not be like sheep without a shepherd."

I love it when we can see something like this and then see a direct impact on Jesus. There is no doubt this verse and this prayer had a major impact on the Son of Man as he walked here on earth. All we have to do is read Matthew 9:35-38 to see how this prayer of Moses influenced Jesus.

Jesus travels throughout the villages and sees the people "helpless and harassed like sheep without a shepherd," and Jesus immediately turns and tells the disciples to pray that the Lord would send "workers," or "shepherds" to tend to the harvest (people.)

Jesus knew his time would be short, yet even as he faced death, his heart was that God would take care of His people. Jesus prayed in John 17 for the unity of the workers. After his rose again, he commissioned Peter to "tend to the lambs/sheep." Jesus told his disciples to pray for workers to be sent, but like Moses, he prayed himself for those same workers to take care of his people.

It is only a few short verses, but it drove much of what Jesus did. Just as Moses had trained Joshua in the care of the people, and asked that the Spirit of the Lord would be upon the next leader, Jesus gave his life to pour out into a handful of men, then he prayed the Holy Spirit would be sent, then He sent the Spirit as he promised so that his people would not be "like sheep without a shepherd."

Praise God we have not been left to wander about as a flock of lost sheep, but that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, has given charge to the Holy Spirit, through the lives of men chosen by God, to care for us, the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 95:7 & 100:3

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Tuesday 3/14/17

If I am being completely honest, Numbers 28-29 did not grab me. I know there is something about these daily & monthly offerings and the Feast that impacted Jesus, but today, my eyes were not opened to it. May of had something to do with having trouble keeping my physical eyes open while trying to read.

Then I began to reread it this evening and one phrase is consistent throughout. "Present to the Lord" and it was "at the appointed time" and each were to be "pleasing to the Lord"

Each offering, each festival, they all had something that God required at a specific time. God set out an exact plan each was to follow in order to be a "pleasing aroma to Him."

As I read over this again this evening, I was struck with the reality that Jesus would have learned there was an "appointed time" at which he would "present to the Lord" an offering without defect, himself, and the aroma of his offering would "please the Lord." He would have seen himself in each Feast he partook in and every offering that was made.

That is why he would have said to his mother "my time has not yet come." He had learned it had already been appointed. This is why he gave himself to "live by every word of God" because he had learned he had to be without defect in order to please the Lord. And when the time came, he "presented himself" as the proper sacrifice and willingly laid down because he had learned that only he could be the pleasing aroma that was needed for God and His people to be restored into a righteous relationship for every feast, and for every month, and every sabbath, and for every day!

Jesus, our Savior from now and throughout eternity!

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Wednesday 3/15/17

In Numbers 31:49, we find a word of encouragement for Jesus. In one simple statement made by the commanders of the army of Israel, Jesus would find a foundation of hope that his work would not be in vain!

The armies of Israel have just defeated the Midianites in a battle. 12000 men of Israel were sent out to wage this battle and we are told they killed every man in Midian, wiping them out. Later we see Moses also ordering the deaths of every male child and any woman who had slept with a man from that nation. The only ones spared were virg