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It has been awhile since I have written anything here. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been focused on providing for my family and serving my Real Estate customers and clients here in Gallatin TN. Typically when I write here it has been to express my struggles and hardships, but today I wanted to start off with a praise.

God Has been so good to us these past few weeks. I have been blessed to close one house, list another and receive an offer on it in less than 48 hours, have another one of my co-list homes go under contract, booked an Auction for later this year, written a few offers on other properties for a couple of clients, and now assisting some friends as an consultant/agent for an upcoming auction they want to purchase some land at. All in all, God has been very good to us. This is not to say everything is completely honky dory, but it is amazing how God has blessed with work as you have joined us in prayer. Please continue as there is much harvest as the fields are ripe right now. Continue to ask God send us the ones He wants me to serve and that I would do so with all my knowledge, skills, and abilities. And THANK YOU for being our partners in prayer.

The family is doing very well. My kids are all growing up so fast. I have a 14 year old who is the most amazing daughter. She wrestles like any other girl that age with the things facing a teenage girl today, but she has impressed me with how she is facing these times and with her opens to talk to dad and mom about things. My 12 year old daughter is still all bubbles and smiles right now. She is very excited as her lamb she raised last year, Tessa, is now raising a baby of her own. Raygan makes a great shepherdess. Truett (in picture above) is now 7 and all he wants to do is be with dad, help dad, and work with dad. Ion his hours away from dad, he plays with his brother, Knox aka Bubba, aka Superstar K-Man who is 5 now. Truett is naturally strong for his age and we are praying God uses this strength for his glory. Knox is our youngest at 5 and his life is one of great emotion. If he is happy ,he is extremely happy. If he is upset, he is extremely upset. His prayer is that God will use the fury caged up in his small body for His glory so when Knox sees a barrier between God and his people, he will smash it and burn it to the ground (his words).

My dear wife, Katie, is focused on being the most amazing wife God has ever created for a man like me. I can be a tough guy to be around at times and when I am down, it takes a strong woman to carry me through. I am not sure how she does it, but God has gifted her with the gift of supporting me and loving me even on my worst days. I am thrilled to have her by my side. Katie is giving herself to share something that means a lot to her, the gift of health through Plexus. I can honestly say it has been a benefit to our family and am grateful for her passion for it. Right now she is spending time simplifying our lives and preparing for a large yard sale the weekend of the 19-20 of May. I am excited to see all the extra stuff being prepared to leave our home, however, I also cannot wait till it is GONE! I despise clutter. LOL.

The sheep are all doing well, as well as, the cows and chickens. All the animals on the farm are growing and doing well. We have 24 lambs and now 3 new calves born recently. The oldest lamb of this season, Lucas, is quite a large fellow as are some of the other early lambs. In due season, the ram lambs will be finding a new home, as will some of the ewe lambs. Some of the mother ewes we have will be retired from the farm this year due to different reasons and we will retain some of the ewe lambs as "replacement" mothers for the future. Caesar and Tony will remain our flock rams and we look forward to seeing the flock grow over the next few years.

Finally, for me, I am excited about all God is doing in my life. My study in the "Impact on Jesus" the Old Testament had as he was growing up has been radically impacting me. I will not lie, I probably will write about it all one day as I am keeping notes now. I am also getting ready to finalize the study "Enjoying the Shepherd Like Jesus: The Disciplines of a Sheep who Enjoys the Shepherd." This is a study through Psalm 23 and seeing how Jesus implemented these disciplines on a daily basis so He could enjoy his Great Shepherd and how we can choose to implement them in our lives as we learn to Enjoy our Good Shepherd. I am really excited about this study which will feature a small book and a video series as well.

My heart is open for more opportunities to speak and share about Jesus and his amazing love for his people. How God has smashed the barrier keeping Him away from dwelling with his people and us with him, and how we can enjoy this relationship every day through the struggle and trouble of life.

Finally, I will admit I am tired. This past few weeks I have been tired physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some battles and temptations I have not faced in years did their best to resurface and being tired I found myself struggling. What I realized too is that if a temptation rises up in your heart, opportunity to engage in it comes along with the temptation. I am thankful that I have a mighty God, a refuge and strong tower, to whom I was able to run. Without Him I would have surely fell and given in to the desires of the old man. But Our God is Greater! Praise His name.

I would appreciate and covet your prayers even more right now. With all things going on, I have been asking for rest, restoration, refreshment, and recovery in Jesus. Today's video was on "Victory Found in Being Still." Pray I learn to be still. Not just with my body and mind, but that my spirit will be still as I continue to serve. Pray I will daily discipline myself like Jesus in order to Enjoy The Shepherd as He did.

Thank you for your love, support, prayer, and encouragements. May God bless you with the smile of His face and my the warmth of His love embrace you today!

Enjoy The Shepherd


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